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How to Take Care Beautiful Neon Tetra in Aquarium?

Meta-description: Watching the colorful neon tetra in the aquarium will boost your happiness. But to make them shine bright, you have to take care them well.

What will be the best thing to refresh your eyes? That is seeing the beauty of shimmering neon tetra in the aquarium. Known for their marvelous color, neon tetra is many people favorite pet to keep on the home aquarium.

However, you have to take care of them intensively so that they can live longer and happily. Neon tetra is an easy fish to handle, so you wont find it stressful to keep them well. But, always pay attention on how to do it. Have you understood the steps? Here we give you some simple steps on how to take care your neon tetra in aquarium:

1. Close the filter

Despite of its wonderful color, neon tetra is a tiny fish. A filter can easily absorbs them if you don't close it well. So, always remember not to make the big hole in the filter and make the holes in the filter only big enough to absorb the dirt.

2. Add more plants

The neon tetra, who comes from Amazon basin, naturally live with so much plants. To make them feel happier and less-stressed, add more plants to your aquarium. Gives the aquatic plants inside your aquarium, or the tiny floating wood so that they can feel safe. Making the aquarium resemble their habitat also good to improve the breeding quality.

3. Check the pH values

The natural habitat of neon tetra is on the acidic water. That is why you have to make sure that the water pH values inside your home aquarium is between 5.5-6.8. Never use the water with pH values under 5.5 because too acidic is not good also for the neon tetra in aquarium.

4. A dimmer aquarium

Neon tetra are kind of fish that live in the waters with dim light. If you want them to live happily and properly, use the dim light in your home aquarium, and place the aquarium in the dim corner of your house. That will make your neon tetra feels like they are already living their habitat.

Taking care of the fish, including the neon tetra is not only about feeding them. You have to give it a place that makes it feel comfortable.

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