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How to Spawn Fish Molly in A Simple Way

Meta description: Spawn the fish molly is not complicated. However, you have to do some steps so that this live-bearer fish will breed the high-quality fry.

Are you a fish-collector, or would like to have a fascinating aquarium? You would better consider taking care of the fish molly.

Why this fish becomes the favorite one? It happens not only because it has a simple look, but also because it is one of the live-bearer fish. A live-bearer fish will not lay the egg. Hence, a fish molly will bear the living baby mollies.  It is good to be placed with other fish communities in an aquarium. Plus, it won't soil your aquarium.

However, there is still a question remains on how to spawn fish molly. It is not difficult to spawn the molly as long as you understand the techniques. And here we are:

1. Knowing the sexes ratio

The male mollies will ruthlessly mate with the females. If you put both the males and the females in the same ratio, there is a chance that the females will be stressed due to the high-intensity of mating. 

That is why you have to keep the ratio of three females of every male fish molly in the aquarium. That will make the females less stressed, and the breeding can run well.

2. Give a place for hiding

A fish molly can breed hundreds of fries in one time. However, due to its tiny sizes, the fry can easily be eaten by other fish. Therefore, you can grow the floating plants as a place for them to hide. Floating plants that you can use to help the molly fry growing up are anacharis, hornwort, and Java Moss.

If they have grown up, the floating plants are still useful for them. Since fish mollies have a tiny size, there is a chance that other bigger fish will eat them if they are placed in a community aquarium.

3. Using the breeder net

Do you want ultimate protection for the fish molly fry? Try using a breeder net. It can protect the fry from the predators, so they can grow up well. 

The breeder net is good for the fry, but after the fish molly grown up, move them from the breeder net. Even though the adult fish molly has a small size, the breeder net is still too small for it.

So, it is not difficult to breed a fish molly, right? But remember to create a habitat that supports this tiny little fish.

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