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The Easy Steps to Take Care Your Fish Molly in Aquarium

Meta-description: For its simple look, fish molly in the aquarium is one of the favorite fish to have. However, you have to take care of it to keep them stunning. 

Having a fish molly in the aquarium might be something that most people will choose. Why? Fish mollies suits in the small aquarium and are easy to breed. They are also easy to adapt to the aquarium environment, and quite cheap to buy.

However, you cannot just ignore them and not pay attention to their treatment. If you want your mollies to live properly and can breed happily, you have to understand how to care a fish molly in the aquarium. As simple as your molly, here are those steps:

1. The temperature of a tropical fish

You have to understand that the molly fish is a tropical fish. Therefore, you must set the tropical temperature in your aquarium. The tropical temperature starts from about 78-82-degree Fahrenheit. 

You can set the sufficient temperature with the aquarium heater. Don't forget to buy the aquarium heater in good quality. The better the quality, the less you have to pay for the electricity bill. 

2. The aquarium hygiene

Even though fish molly in an aquarium doesn't lay eggs, you still have to pay attention to the aquarium hygiene. This tiny fish loves to eat and is dynamic, so, remember to use the proper aquarium filter. And even your aquarium filter can perfectly purify the water, always clean it regularly so that it can work well and last longer.

Besides filtering the aquarium, you have to change the aquarium water on a regular basis. Pick the good water changer that can pull the water out of the aquarium fast so that you can directly change the water and put your fish molly in aquarium again.

3. Your molly's friends

Just like us, what makes a molly alive is not the food or the hygiene. As a living creature, a molly needs friends. However, Molly cannot befriend will all kinds of fish. As a tropical fish, a molly will be good with other tropical fish and South American fish. The examples of fish that can be molly's mate are angelfish, tetra fish, and guppies.

So, now you understand why fish molly in the aquarium is lovable. If you just start to be a fish-lover, you can consider buying the fish molly in the first place.

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