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Maintenance The Neon Tetra Fish Color to Makes Them Brighter

Meta-description: The neon tetra fish color can be dull, so how to keep them colorful? Here are the easy steps to do it

Who can resist a neon tetra fish? It is recognizable due to its beautiful looks and shimmering colors. Neon tetra can make your aquarium more alive. But, you have to make them feel alive to in the first place.

This thing is important because the neon tetra fish color will only be shining if they are less-stressed and have a good quality of living. Actually, that is not difficult to make that marvelous color comes up of your neon tetra. But, there are some steps that you must follow to keep your neon tetra fish shine bright. And here we are:

1. Living in groups

Neon tetra is a kind of fish that lives in groups. It can be stressed when swimming alone, and when it is stressed, its color will be duller. 

Neon tetra fish will be much happier if you place it in the aquarium with other neon tetra fish. So if you want to have the neon tetra fish in your aquarium, buy a group of them, so that they will have a good quality of life and shine brightly.

2. Do the water change

You know that fish will always produce the ammonia and do other secretion processes. That will make your aquarium gets dirty and will give bad impact to the neon tetra color. The dirt will make them duller and can give them the disease which not only causes the color to dim but also can lead them to death.

If your aquarium is dirty, change the water right now, and every week, change 20% of the water in the aquarium. And before you place any fishes in your aquarium, make sure you have cycled it to reduce the bacteria. 

3. Make a dim environment

Some people will use the bright lamp to make their neon tetra fish color stands out. This is totally wrong because actually, the real habitat of the neon tetra is dim. If the lamp in your aquarium is too bright, the neon tetra will be stressed, and their colors will start to pale.

The beauty of neon tetra fish color depends on their happiness. If you want to make, them shines beautifully, make sure you give them a happy living.

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