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Crenicichla sp fish as freshwater fish

Crenicichla sp fish is a type of fish that lives and grows in fresh water. The environment where Crenicichla sp fish lives in nature is that these fish can live in aquatic environments with moderate levels of lighting.

Waters with aquatic plants and rocks are the preferred habitat for this type of fish. This fish has an elongated body shape with a little black on the body.

The water tank can be used as a place for this fish to live. The water in this maintenance container must be of good quality. Several water quality parameters such as pH, water hardness level, water temperature need to be considered. The amount of water in the maintenance container also needs to be considered.

The pH value of the water in the maintenance tank must be 7. The hardness of the water is 10. Meanwhile, the water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

The amount of water used in the maintenance container is 250 liters. For the survival and growth process, Crenicichla sp fish need to be fed. This fish is a type of carnivorous fish. Good food for Crenicichla sp fish is in the form of small live fish.

Crenicichla sp fish when kept in water tanks can grow to reach a length of 40 cm. In the process of breeding Crenicichla sp fish reproduce by laying eggs.

The maintenance container in the form of a water tank or aquarium can be given water plants and rocks. These aquatic plants and rocks are installed to create an environment for maintenance like their natural environment. In addition, water plants and rocks are installed with the aim of beautifying the water tank.

Crenicichla sp fish have the habit of swimming in 3 parts of the rearing container, namely at the bottom of the rearing container, in the middle of the rearing container and at the top of the rearing container.

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