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How to keep a good Fancy Koi Betta Fish in a water tank

Fancy Koi Betta Fish is one type of freshwater fish that lives in aquatic environments with moderate lighting levels. Because the Fancy Koi Betta Fish has a beautiful color, many fish hobbyists keep the Fancy Koi Betta Fish.

The body shape of the Fancy Koi Betta is oval, the fins are not as big as the halfmoon betta fish, the fins are smaller and slightly elongated.

To maintain Fancy Koi Betta Fish, there are several conditions that need to be considered, including:

1. This fish can live and grow well in an aquatic environment with a pH value of 7.
2. The level of water hardness also affects the fish to be kept. The value of the hardness of the water for life and growth of this fish is 8.
3. Water temperature affects the life of the fish that are kept. The value of a good water temperature for maintaining Fancy Koi Betta Fish is 26 degrees Celsius.
4. In the maintenance in the aquarium or in the water tank, the amount of water needed to maintain this fish is as much as 40 liters.
5. In the aquarium or in the water tank, water plants can be installed in order to beautify the aquarium or water tank.
6. The type of feed that is usually given to Fancy Koi Betta Fish is in the form of artificial feed. This feed can be easily purchased at ornamental fish shops. The amount of feed given to these fish must be right, not too much and not too little.
7. If the water used to raise fish has decreased water quality, the water needs to be replaced.

Fancy Koi Betta fish have a habit of swimming at the top of the water surface. In the process of breeding, these fish reproduce by laying eggs. Here are some ways to keep Fancy Koi Betta fish in an aquarium or water tank. Hopefully this article can be useful.

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