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Several Types of Feed Are Good for Trichopsis Pumila Fish

Are you looking for a perfect trichopsis pumila fish feed? You can try frozen brine shrimp, tropical flake food, algae, living brine shrimps, infusoria, and bloodworms to boost their health.

Keeping trichopsis pumila in an aquarium as a hobby is quite popular nowadays. This fish, also known as the pygmy gourami, the sparkling pygmy gourami, dwarf croaking gourami, and trichopsis pumila, makes a fascinating community tank group their hardy nature, unique respiratory structure, and brilliant colourful spots in their body. The bright hues vary from green, bluish, red, and sometimes grey. 

Another fascinating appearance of trichopsis pumila is their wide fins, around 30 percent of their body lengths. They also feature a standing dorsal fin and unique eyes’ colours. Dwarf gouramis are fairly small, only around 3.5 inches in size. 

Here, we will share some important information about trichopsis pumila fish feed. Giving them the right diet and nutrition will make your fish healthy and happy.

Frozen Brine Shrimp

The first easiest, cleanest, and qualified trichopsis pumila fish feed is frozen brine shrimp. There are many kinds of frozen brine shrimp in the fish market and Omega One is one of the best you can give to your sparkling gouramis. Frozen brine shrimp can boost your fish colour and decrease the risk of bacteria or parasites.

Tropical Flake Food

Another complete and nutritional diet for your dwarf gouramis is tropical flake food. Flakes are quite easy for fish to digest. The formula mostly contained in this tropical flake food is varied from biotin, vitamins, immunostimulants, and omega-3 fatty acids. Feed your fish two to three times a day. 


Dwarf gouramis are natural omnivores. They can survive by eating both animals and plants. Therefore, adding algae to their nutrition is recommended. Place algae on your aquarium, and trichopsis pumila will consume those plants around your tank. Algae also increase dissolved oxygen in a tank which is very good for your fish.

Brine Shrimps

Besides giving frozen brine shrimps, you can also give your sparkling gouramis living brine shrimps. Brine shrimps are one of the best living foods for aquarium fish because they are rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and protein. These shrimps can survive in water for approximately 30 minutes. However, your trichopsis pumila will likely snap them up long before then.


Infusoria is usually given to fry or baby fish. But since this species is tiny, infusoria make an excellent trichopsis pumila fish feed. Infusoria is all kinds of microscopic aquatic organisms, can be animals or plants. Compared to brine shrimps, infusoria is much smaller. When placing infusoria in your tank, make sure to add only a small amount. Uneaten infusoria will die and surely pollute your aquarium. 


Microworms is another best food for this lively little fish. Microworms can live up to 12 hours in a tank, but they won’t grow bigger. This diet is a great source of protein and fat. By giving your sparkling gouramis this diet, fish will grow healthier and bigger.

A perfect trichopsis pumila fish feed allows dwarf gouramis to grow bigger and healthier. An excellent diet will also boost the colours of your fish and make them more vibrant. Because this species is quite small, make sure your fish can completely chunk up the food.

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