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How to Spawn Trichopsis Pumila Fish

Want to know about spawning Trichopsis pumila fish? Check out below to find out more about the perfect temperature, tank decoration, as well as the breeding process of this species.

J.P. Arnold first described Trichopsis pumila fish in 1936. This lively little species is also widely known as the pygmy gourami, the sparkling pygmy gourami, dwarf croaking gourami, and trichopsis pumila as its scientific name. The fish that owns sparkling green, red, and blue hues are found throughout the Mekong River in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. 

As a lively and peaceful species, trichopsis pumila is a perfect choice for keeping in captivity, especially for beginners. If you are interested in housing these fish, here are things you should know about spawning trichopsis pumila fish.

Trichopsis Pumila Care

It is very easy to take care of these fish in an aquarium. The base measurement for the tank is 45x30 centimeters or equivalent. Or, 10 gallons is also a perfect quantity to house a pair or small group of sparkling gouramis. A shallow tank is very much recommended because trichopsis pumila have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe air at the water surface. Therefore, even in a low oxygen level habitat, trichopsis pumila fish can still survive.

To protect their labyrinth organ, make sure there is a layer of humid air in your tank. Choose an aquarium with a well-fitting lid because the dwarf croaking gourami is an excellent jumper. In their native habitat, trichopsis pumila prefers an environment with a pH of 6.0–7.5, dH of 5–19, and temperature 25 °C to 28 °C (77 °F to 83 °F). 

Sexual Dimorphism

Before spawning trichopsis pumila fish, you must know their sexes. To differentiate between the male and female is quite difficult. However, the male mostly features a more intense color pattern. They also show longer dorsal, caudal fins, and ventral compared to females. The females are ready to breed exhibit ovaries below their swim bladder. To see their ovaries, use a strong light. 


When you try to breed trichopsis pumila fish, firstly, place a group of at least six fish in one place. Then, observe two of those fish that pair up. Later, set up a separate tank for those two to spawn in shallow water at around 27 degrees Celsius. Let the pair adapted to their new environment. Once the male settles in, they will create a bubble nest, mostly under plants.

Later on, the male will embrace the female and wrap his body around the female as if he is squeezing her. During the spawn, the female will then release her eggs. The female usually releases around 10-15 eggs at one time. This process, however, will repeat several times. In a day, the female can let go between 100 to 175 eggs. 

Once the female releases her eggs, the male simultaneously fertilizes those spawns. Then, the male will quickly fetch the eggs and place them in the nest. He will protect the nest while the female should be removed from the breeding tank. 

In approximately 48 hours, the fry will transform into tiny wriggles, become free-swimming, and leave their nest. At this point, remove the male. During this period, make sure to give the fry an appropriate diet and keep the layer of air warm. You can feed them with infusoria for their first days. When they grow bigger, add artemia nauplii and micro-worms to their diet. During the first few weeks, those free-swimming develop their labyrinth organ. 

A perfect water temperature and tank decoration will level up the success of spawning trichopsis pumila fish. Place dried leaves and plants in the tank to create a perfect surrounding. 

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