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How to Keep Butterikoferi Cichlid Fish in an Aquarium

Find out some tips about keeping Butterikoferi Cichlid fish in the aquarium, starting from the tank size, water condition, tank decoration, food, as well as perfect tank mates.

Butterikoferi Cichlid, also known as the Zebra Tilapia, originate in Africa, Asia, and South America. This African Talapia has an aggressive nature but is famous as show fish. This species comes in various colors, patterns, and sizes. They can be peaceful during their teenage but become very territorial reserve when they get bigger. 

Therefore, keeping Butterikoferi Cichlid fish in the aquarium is challenging, especially when you house them with other fish species. To know the best tips for maintaining the Zebra Tilapia in a tank, keep reading.

Tank Size

Because Butterikoferi Cichlid is very aggressive and agile, it is best to choose a spacious tank. They tend to become more aggressive when they feel their territory is threatened. If your Butterikoferi Cichlid is at least six inches long, they require not less than 30 gallons of aquarium space. However, if your fish is smaller, then a 20-gallon tank will do. More company to the tank will require at least three more gallons per additional fish. 

Water Temperature and pH Levels

When you’re keeping Butterikoferi Cichlid fish in the aquarium, having a water level test kit is important. This tool will help you maintain the water condition. The perfect water pH range for this freshwater is 6.5-8.5 pH, while the temperature should be around 68 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When Butterikoferi Cichlid lives at a pH of around eight, their colors will look more vibrant and glaring.

Tank Decoration

Since Butterikoferi Cichlid fish tends to be aggressive, remove things that might fall or knock over. If you place more than one fish in the aquarium, then hiding places are necessary. It will help the weaker fish to hide when the fight occurs. You can also consider placing easy aquarium plants like Anubias, Java Fern, Hornwort, Green Cabomba, and Anacharis.

Diet Option

Besides monitoring the water temperature and pH levels, choosing the best diet is also vital. In addition to cichlid pellets and frozen foods, you can also add living foods to their diet. Varieties of living foods you can offer them include brine shrimp, insects, tubifex worms, earthworms, and mosquito larvae. You can also give them vegetable-based foods such as boiled cucumber. Feed them not more than twice a day.

Tank Mates

Some types of fish must be avoided. Never consider placing them together with small fish that tend to be powerless. They might also likely end to be Butterikoferi Cichlid’s meal. South American cichlids may look similar to African cichlids but, they’re not ideal tank mates. If you wish to house your Zebra Tilapia with another species, you can try African catfish as they seem to be able to defend themselves. However, same species companions are the safer option. 

So have you learned some tips about keeping Butterikoferi Cichlid fish in the aquarium? We hope you find this care guide article useful. When you successfully raise healthy Zebra Tilapia, you will be able to keep them for several years.

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