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Types of Good Feed for Butterikoferi Cichlid Fish

What are the best feeds for Buttericoferi Cichlid fish? Some diet options are daphnia, spirulina, brine shrimp, herbivore pellet, and seaweed.

Butterikoferi Cichlid fish is known quite greedy. When you keep them for a show, you will often notice this big buddy will swim up to the top in the hope of food. However, you don’t have to feed them every time they do this trait. 

So how many times do you have to feed them in a day? What are the recommended diets for this species? Keep reading to find out more information about feed for Buttericoferi Cichlid fish.

How Often to Feed

Buttericoferi Cichlid fish can eat the big food within half a minute or so as they are avaricious eaters. But, do not overfeed them. While many suggest feeding them two to three times a day, you can feed them three to four times a day. 

These feeding times can curb Buttericoferi Cichlid fish’s aggression over food supplies. In addition, try fasting your Cichlid every once a week to control their metabolism and empty their digestive tracts. 

Best Buttericoferi Cichlid Food

1. Daphnia

Daphnia is small planktonic crustaceans. Besides being rich in vitamins, protein, and minerals, as well as being a great laxative, daphnia is also perfect for triggering your Buttericoferi Cichlid’s instinct to hunt. Give a small portion of daphnia to your tank because they will live until they get eaten. 

2. Spirulina

The next feed for Buttericoferi Cichlid fish is spirulina. Spirulina is a great source of essential minerals, vitamins, and protein; your African Cichlid will also love it. However, do not overfeed them with spirulina because it may lead to black spots on your fish. 

3. Brine Shrimp

If you wish to grow your fish bigger, then giving them brine shrimp is a great choice. This feed is rich in energy sources and protein. Brine shrimp is also affordable and can develop the hunting behavior of your fish. When you start your aquarium, the recommended brine shrimp feeding time is once every other day. 

4. Herbivore Pellet

Herbivore pellet can be a great supplementary food to the Butterikoferi Cichlid diet. It contains vegetable protein extracts, minerals, vitamins, fats, and algae and maintains the health of your fish's digestive system. Give it several times a day with a small portion. 

5. Seaweed

Another feed for Buttericoferi Cichlid fish that will maintain their health is seaweed. Seaweed is known for being rich in vitamins, improving the immune system, and providing anti-inflammatory benefits. You can also give dried seaweed to your Cichlid.

Compared to sea kelp, seaweed is a safer option because even though both of them are a great source of vitamins, sea kelp mostly contains large levels of iodine that can be unhealthy.

That is the information about feed for Buttericoferi Cichlid fish. Knowing the perfect diet and how many times to feed them is important when it comes to feeding Cichlid. Avoid overfeeding by giving a small amount of food at certain times. Please do not put a large amount of diet because it may rot and pollute your aquarium. 

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