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How to Keep Anabas Testudineus Fish in a Pond

Keeping the fish Anabas testudineus in a pond requires at least 908 liters of water for one fish with a water temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Anabas testudineus, also known as the climbing perch or koi, is a fish species that is loved both by fish enthusiasts and people in general. The climbing perch is indigenous fish of Bangladesh that mostly inhabit ponds, ditches, canals, lakes, or paddy fields. 

They are known for their capability of withstanding rough environmental conditions like low oxygen, extreme temperatures, and other poor water condition. To learn about keeping the fish Anabas testudineus in a pond, here is some useful information for you.


Generally, anabas testudineus is ten to twenty-three centimeters in length, although sometimes they can reach up to twenty-five centimeters. These fish have random dark spots over their body. Their body itself is commonly colored light brown-orange to dark greenish-brown. The pectoral fins are reddish-yellow.

Thai koi have a high survival rate as they can resist a poor water environment. When anabas testudineus grows at around fifteen centimeters, it means that they have already reached their sexual maturity. 

Keeping the Fish Anabas Testudineus in a Pond

By recreating their living habitat in the wild, keeping the fish Anabas testudineus will be successful. First, set up a cement pond with at least 908 liters of water for one fish. As for the depth, you can set a three feet deep pond. It is better to keep the pond away from direct sunlight.

Before moving the fish, first prepare the pond by draining it and removing all aquatic vegetation. A week before removing your climbing perch from the pond, treat your pond with agricultural lime (CaCO3 ) and fill it up with water.

As for the water filtration, the pond filter must be able to clear the tank water three to five times an hour. For instance, if the pond is filled with 250-gallon water, the filter should be able to circulate at least 750 gallons in an hour. 

In addition, even if anabas testudineus is quite hardy, paying attention to the water temperature is also important. Keep the temperature of water between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 24 Celsius. You can add some mud to the bottom of the pond because, in the wildlife, this climbing perch loves to dig into the mud during the dry period. For the water pH, keep it between 7.5 to 8.5. 


In the wild, anabas testudineus’ diets include a fish fry, insects, shrimps, and also macrophysics vegetation. You add also feed them with a mix of soybean meal, vitamin and mineral mix, or groundnut oil cake. Feed them twice a week, or you can give them food that is approximately five percent of their body weight.

During a breeding season, male and female anabas testudineus will develop their eminent secondary sexual disposition. Females display notable outgrowth at the vent. The growth is in the form of genital papilla at the abdomen. Meanwhile, males do not exhibit those outgrowths. However, milt will come out when you gently press their abdomen.

We hope you find the information about keeping the fish Anabas testudineus useful. To maintain a healthy climbing perch, good water quality and a good diet are two essential things.

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