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How to Keep Auratus Cichlid Fish in an Aquarium

Are You Still Hesitant About Keeping Golden Mbuna in Your House? Here’s How to Keep Auratus Cichlid Fish in an Aquarium!

It’s an excellent idea to consider the possibility of keeping golden mbuna fish in your home. However, before moving on to the next step, we must set up some essential apparatus, such as a tank. Preparing a habitat for fish cannot be done haphazardly. Therefore, read the following article to learn how to keep Auratus cichlid fish in an aquarium!

Designing a Suitable Tank

Overcrowding an aquarium will cause stress, reducing the Auratus cichlids’ ability to fight off sickness and stunt their growth. Consequently, there are some guidelines you must adhere to.

To freestyle, they require room to move around. In this case, 190 liters of water is the minimum for a single tank housing one male and four to five females. However, a tank holding 475 liters of water is required at a minimum if you want two males.

Preparing the Appropriate Embellishments

Second, how to keep auratus cichlid fish in an aquarium is to create an environment similar to Lake Malawi, where the Golden Mbuna is native. So, the important thing is to have enough rockscape in the tank. Build tunnels and caverns out of the rocks you stack. Stone can also be arranged to provide numerous hiding spots.

Use sand as the tank’s base since it is their substrate. However, you’ve got to make sure you’ve cleaned auratus cichlid fish substrate before you put anything in it because the residue on it will cause cloudiness in their aquarium.

As an extra touch, you might include things like driftwood for decoration. Do not bother adding any plants unless they are of a hardy variety. Putting a canopy over your tank is a great idea because it can stop any fish from getting out and keep the water clean.

Establishing Optimal Water Conditions

No matter what kind of fish you have or how old they are, their survival depends on the tank water parameters, just like this fish. When the water quality in the tank drops too low, the health of the Auratus cichlids will suffer. Stress from living in an aquarium that isn’t like their natural environment can make these fish more susceptible to illness.

The tank’s water temperature is between 23.8 and 27.7 degrees Celsius. When it comes to pH, this fish does best in a range from 7.6 to 8.6. Golden mbuna prefer water hardness levels ranging from moderately hard (61 ppm) to hard (180 ppm).

Selecting the best possible partners

A golden mbuna has a somewhat sassy demeanor, so bringing them to a communal tank can be challenging. As mentioned above, one male can be housed with up to five females in the same aquarium. If you want to put this fish in a tank with other species, choose one with a different color scheme and pattern since golden mbuna tend to act badly around other fish that look like them and may even attack them.

These are some methods to keep auratus cichlid fish in an aquarium, starting with setting up the tank, maintaining the water conditions, adding decorations, and finding the perfect buddies for your golden mbuna. Do everything properly to succeed while you’re working to keep this fish.


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