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Channa asiatica fish spawning

Channa asiatica fish kept in water tanks by fish hobbyists can be spawned. Spawning can be done in a simple way. The steps in the channa asiatica fish spawning activities are as follows:

1. Selection of Channa asiatica fish parents

In choosing a parent fish, of course, we must know the difference between male fish and female fish. The difference can be seen from the shape of the head of the fish, the male Channa asiatica fish has a more rounded head shape while the female fish has a pointed head shape.

In addition, to distinguish male fish and female fish, you can see in the anal canal, male fish have two holes while female fish have one rather large hole.

After choosing the male and female parent fish, choose a parent that has a good shape, such as thick markings and long fins so that good fish seeds are formed.

2. Matchmaking

Channa asiatica fish has a territorial character so it is necessary to match or introduce male fish and female fish by providing a clear partition between male and female fish. This partition can use ram or glass, the matchmaking process lasts approximately 3-4 days.

After going through the matchmaking process for 3-4 days, we can open the partition, but during the opening of this partition, it is necessary to pay attention if the two broodstock are getting along and living side by side, it can be said that they are matched, but if they fight, repeat the insulation for 3-4 days. This needs to be repeated until the fish get along and not chasing each other.

3. Spawning

If the matchmaking of fish is successful, the next step is spawning. The way to spawn Channa asiatica is quite unique, this fish will swim together and wag its tail and then it will form like a ball (this process is called a breeding ball). After going through the breeding ball process, the mother will release eggs that float on the surface.

4. Hatching Eggs

after the mother spawns the Channa asiatica fish eggs will float on the surface. These eggs will hatch within 1-3 days. Eggs that hatch will develop into larvae. Newly hatched larvae have food reserves in the form of egg yolk in their stomachs. So that feeding can only be done after 2 - 3 days old.

5. maintenance of larvae

After hatching the fish larvae still have reserves of egg yolk in their stomachs so during this time there is no need for additional feed, after 2-3 days old food reserves start to run out this is the time for live feeding. This live food is in the form of artemia and water fleas.

This live feeding is carried out for one week until the fish's mouth can be fed in the form of silk worms. Giving silk worms aims to accelerate the growth of fish fry, because silk worms have a high protein content.

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