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How to Spawn Glofish

When spawning Glofish, first, you need to prepare a mating tank for one male and female glofish. Later, the two will start breeding within 48 hours.

Who doesn't love to have glofish swimming around in their aquarium? Fish lovers are captivated by their vibrant fluorescent colors, from Cosmic Blue, Starfire Red, Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, and Galactic Purple, to Moonrise Pink. However, compared to other ornamental fish, glofish is rather expensive.

The cheapest price from glofish begins at $6, and the number may go upwards to $24. So, buying a school of glofish is sort of costly. Spawning glofish could be a great idea to add more glofish to your collection. Here, we will discuss further how to breed glofish.

What Equipment Should I Prepare?

One thing you should prepare when spawning glofish is the tank space. Make sure the aquarium is big enough to gain successful breeding. When breeding, glofish become more territorial. We recommend 10 gallons aquarium or more.

Add some ornaments. Next, you need to set up an air pump and a sponge filter in order to maintain the water's freshness. Use a fish tank heater to keep the water warm. Maintain the water at 70 to 80 F with a pH range of 7 to 7.5.

How Do I Breed Glofish?

Since glofish are not mating in groups, place one male and one female in one breeding tank. Once placed together, male and female glofish normally start mating within the next 48 hours.

You'll know that the mating goes well when the male and female glofish chase each other. During this time, check them out regularly. You will spot fry after 24 hours. When you observe female glofish laying eggs, immediately separate adult glofish into a different tank. 

The female releases eggs while swimming or at one certain spot. Meanwhile, the male will fertilize the released eggs. The fry is extremely little. They usually clutch to the side of the aquarium. They have a pale brown color. 

How to Hatch the Eggs?

Once you've separated the parents from the fry, don't leave them unattended. The eggs normally hatch within two to three days. Keep an eye on your water parameter. The nitrate levels must not go above 10 ppm. 

You can feed them with commercial diets when they hatch. Since their size is still tiny, try powdered form or liquid foods. However, after reaching two weeks of age, you can feed them with other foods such as pellets, flakes, or bloodworms. 

Is It Legal to Breed Glofish?

As you may already know, glofish is a genetically modified fish. Spawning glofish by and of itself isn't illegal. However, you can't legally spawn glofish for profit. Releasing them in the wild is strictly prohibited as well. 

The legality of owning glofish is different in some countries. For example, glofish is legal in the United States except in California. Meanwhile, Canada, European, and Australia banned glofish. 

To establish successful breeding, you must pay attention to the tank space, water temperature, and condition. We hope this article about spawning glofish is useful. 

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