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How to Keep Nannacara Anomala Fish in an Aquarium

Meta description: There are some requirements you have to apply to keep fish Nannacara anomala in the aquarium. Do not worry; it is easy to do!

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Want to own a cichlid in your aquarium? You might want to try Nannacara anomala, a dwarf cichlid suitable for beginner aquarists. They might be small, but their appearance will make your planted aquarium looks delicate. Another good news is that they are easy to keep!

Best Way to Keep Fish Nannacara Anomala in the Aquarium

You have to apply certain characteristics in your aquarium if you want to keep Nannacara anomala, from its water temperature and plantation to the size of its suitable surrounding. This will be your guide so that your fish Nannacara anomala in the aquarium will have a similar environment to their native habitat and be comfortable being in your company at home.

The Surrounding Environment

This fish usually be found in rivers and creeks. They do not need a big space because they prefer to live near the bottom. What you need to keep them is a wide aquarium for their horizontal movement because they spend most of their time in the bottom of the aquarium.

The same reason applies if you put your fish Nannacara anomala in the aquarium along with other species. It is because they can be territorial; both the male to defend their territory and the female during their breeding and egg-keeping time. However, they can be friendly with other fish with the same peace. Hence, the most suitable tank size is about 120L to keep the community sound and safe.

The Water Condition

They usually live in softwater at 22-25°C or 72-77°F. Moreover, the native habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish has a slow-moving water stream with lots of plants. They can handle any condition of water, but the most suitable pH of the water is between 6-7.5. 

However, when they are breeding, the pH level should be changed to slightly acidic. Even though they can be hardy, keeping the water condition optimal is still mandatory so your fish Nannacara anomala in the aquarium will not be stressed.

The Surrounding Element

The native habitat of the Nannacara anomala fish is low-lying coastal swamps and flooded savannas. So, it will be nice if you put elements that represent similar surrounding in the wild.

You can start by putting sand or gravel as the substrate. Then, you can put elements that are considered dense vegetation. The plants can be java moss and cryptocoryne, along with caves made of clay and rock formations. These elements also serve as protection and places of spawning, as well as to support their natural behavior.

Putting a fish in an aquarium cannot be done poorly. Same as keeping your fish Nannacara anomala in the aquarium, there are some things you need to apply in order to keep the wellness of your fish. Let’s bring the suitable condition of Nannacara anomala to your aquarium!


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