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How to Spawn Nannacara Anomala Fish

Meta description: Spawning Nannacara anomala is one of the great experiences you should try to appreciate the nature of aquatic creatures.

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Nannacara anomala is one of the ornamental fish that is beginner-friendly. This dwarf cichlid, especially the male, has a blue neon sheen that will look great on your planted aquarium. The female also shows unique checkerboard patterns during spawning. Speaking of that, there are some requirements you need to fulfill in order to spawn Nannacara anomala. Let's dig into deeper information!

Mind the Tank Size

The first thing you would like to know about how to spawn Nannacara anomala is by paying attention to the suitable size of the tank. You do not need a big tank in spawning Nannacara anomala fish. They can actually be spawned in a community tank, but still, a tank specially dedicated to spawning is best. 

One male and one female in a small aquarium will likely make them spawn. So, a tank sized 15 gallons will do its job. However, you might want to move the male after spawning if the aquarium is small because there is a chance that the female will kill him, even if the size of the female is much smaller than the male.

Pay Attention to Water Condition

Water conditions can be crucial in order to support spawning. There is a specific water temperature that can trigger this golden-eyed cichlid to spawn. A temperature moderately higher than the regular one is preferable for spawning Nannacara anomala fish. So, setting the water with a temperature of 28°C or 82°F will be great for their spawning. The pH level should also change to slightly acidic.

Provide Hiding Places

Like most fish, spawning Nannacara anomala fish will require hiding places to lay their eggs. Not only that, the male can be too harsh in courting the female, so the hiding places available in the tank can give the female some time to respite. 

Therefore, installing decorations that serve as places to hide and spawn is highly needed. The recommended ones can be caves from clay, rocks, bogwood, and driftwood. Flower pots will also be a means for the female to lay her eggs.

Taking Care of the Fry

Spawning Nannacara anomala fish is easy. The female will lay up to 300 eggs of baby golden dwarf cichlids. Then, the eggs will hatch within two until three days. During the hatching period, the female will be much more aggressive, protecting her eggs. Even males can be their enemies. 

One wonderful fact about the female Nannacara anomala is that they use special ways of their body to communicate with their fry. They can move the fry into the sand substrate they have dug, and within the next week, it will become free swimming. This is where you can start to feed them with brine shrimp.

Those are some requirements that you need to do in spawning Nannacara anomala fish. You can see that it is not so hard or even not hard at all! As the aquarists say, this golden-eyed cichlid will be suitable for someone who is trying to breed fish for the first time.


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