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4 things to consider when keeping Nandopsis salvini fish in an aquarium

Nandopsis salvini fish is a freshwater fish. This fish is commonly found in public waters, especially along rivers in Central America from southern Mexico to Honduras.

Nandopsis salvini fish has a yellow body color, this yellow color is clearly visible on the belly. At the top of the body there is a black color that extends from the head to the tail.

When we are going to keep Nandopsis salvini fish in an aquarium there are several factors that need to be considered, namely: Water quality, number of water tanks, feed, aquarium equipment.

1. Aquarium water quality

Aquarium water quality parameters that need to be maintained and need to be considered include the water pH, water temperature, water hardness level. The pH value of the water suitable for keeping Nandopsis salvini fish is 7, the water temperature is 24 degrees Celsius, and the water hardness level is 10.

2. The amount of water used

In order for the fish that are kept to live and grow properly, the amount of water used to raise Nandopsis salvini fish must be sufficient. The minimum amount of water that needs to be met is 200 liters.

3. Feed

The feed to be given must have good nutritional content and must be given regularly. The type of feed that can be given is in the form of live feed, namely live worms.

4. Aquarium equipment

The aquarium that will be used to raise Nandopsis salvini fish needs to have sufficient and adequate equipment. Aquarium equipment such as aquarium filters are very helpful in maintaining water quality. This aquarium filter serves to keep the aquarium water clean and clear from solid impurities and dissolved impurities.

Apart from that, rocks and aquatic plants can also be installed in the aquarium. These rocks and aquatic plants can be obtained at ornamental fish shops. We can choose and consult the owner of the ornamental fish shop to ask what types of rocks and aquatic plants are suitable for installation in the aquarium.

In nature, Nandopsis salvini reproduces by laying eggs. This fish prefers an aquatic environment that has moderate lighting levels.

In terms of swimming habits, Nandopsis salvini fish have a habit of swimming at the bottom, in the middle and at the top of the aquarium water surface.

As with other types of ornamental fish, this Nandopsis salvini fish can grow and develop. This fish can grow to a size of 15 cm.

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