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How to keep Parachromis motaguensis fish in an aquarium

Welcome back to the fish hobbyist site. On this occasion I will explain about freshwater fish, namely how to keep Parachromis motaguensis fish in an aquarium.

Parachromis motaguensis fish belongs to the Family Cichlidae. This fish is a type of freshwater fish originating from the Central American region, precisely in the areas of Guatemala and Honduras.

Classification of Parachromis motaguensis fish.

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class : Actinopterygii
Order : Cichliformes
Family : Cichlidae
Genus: Parachromis
Species : P. motaguensis

When viewed from its color, the Parachromis motaguensis fish has an orange base color with black spots all over its body. This fish lives in an aquatic environment with moderate lighting levels.

Because it has an attractive color, Parachromis motaguensis fish if kept in an aquarium will look beautiful. In the activity of keeping fish in the aquarium there are several things we need to know, which include:

A. Aquarium

An aquarium that will be used to keep Parachromis motaguensis fish can use an aquarium with a rectangular shape. The size of the aquarium used to keep this fish is 120 cm x 45 cm x 37.5 cm.

B. Water quality

Water quality parameters that need to be considered are pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of good aquarium water in keeping Parachromis motaguensis fish is 7.0. The water temperature in the aquarium is 26 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the hardness level of water is 10.

C. Feed

Parachromis motaguensis fish need to be fed a good type of feed, namely in the form of live worms.

D. Amount of Water

When we are going to start keeping fish, the amount of water filled into the aquarium must be sufficient so that the fish can move freely. The amount of water filled into the aquarium is 200 liters.

E. Aquarium equipment

The aquarium equipment needed to maintain these fish includes aerators, aquarium filters, aquarium lights, aquatic plants and rocks.

Parachromis motaguensis fish can grow long with a length of about 22 cm. In the process of breeding in nature, this fish reproduces by laying eggs.

Thus a short article regarding the maintenance of Parachromis motaguensis fish in an aquarium. Thank You.

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