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Types of Feed That Can Be Given to Vieja bifasciata Fish

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Vieja bifasciata, commonly known as red-spotted cichlids, are normally easy to keep, and taking care of the fish does not require demanding tools and preparation. However, you need to choose your feed for Vieja bifasciata fish carefully. There are many kinds of diets you can give to your fish. Get inspired with some options for diet in the following elaboration.

Favorable Diet

Red-spotted cichlids are generally herbivorous, but these detrivores can eat other particular feed, too. Algae is one of their favorites, and this plant is one of the best foods you can provide for your fish. Some sources also mention that the fish love Java moss as well. Although Vieja bifasciata commonly consume these plants, they often forage zooplankton and others from aquatic and terrestrial vegetation.

Vegetable Delicacy

To keep the best health quality, vegetables can be a great feed source for Vieja bifasciata fish. There are many available products based on good quality vegetables, and you can use them to suffice your fish’s daily consumption. To add supplementary food, you can vary them with homemade vegetables. Frozen peas which are blanched lightly can be inserted into your feed list. Leaves like spinach leaves can be nutritious supplements. If you plan to combine them with textures, try cucumber slices, zucchini slices, or other similar vegetables. 

Nutritious Worms

To supply meatier nutrients, some fish-keepers prefer particular types of worms as feed for Vieja bifasciata fish. Bloodworm can be one of the popular choices. It is a good source of protein and can be useful for their vital diet. Small earthworms are the other type of worms that can be used to feed the fish. Small earthworms are full of protein, too, and bifasciata will love them. If you look for smaller options, you can get some tubificidean worms. The worms from tubificidea order shape like sludge worms, and these cichlids’ favorites are commonly called detritus worms.

Being Fit with Meat

To suffice the diet worm list, you can combine the other sources of proteins. Benthic invertebrates are great to consume. These can be added to nutritious flake food, like chopped prawns and krill. Both crustaceans have different features. Prawns are bigger than krill. Unlike krill, which have three segments of the body, prawn shrimps have two segments. The color of prawn shrimps is more like distinct pinkish brown, while krill are more transparent with pink hues. Despite each characteristic, both are full of proteins and great feed for Vieja bifasciata fish. You can also use small mollusks and insects for food combinations.

Things to Avoid

Knowing about the things to avoid for Vieja bifasciata fish is as important as the recommended diet. There are several types of meals as avoidance reported by fish-keepers. The meat of mammals is not quite recommended as it is difficult for the fish to metabolize it properly. The same avoidance is also for beef hearts and chicken. The cichlids are also not suggested for excessive fat intake. A great amount of fat is bad for the fish’s health quality and can even result in organ degeneration. Vegetables to keep away from can be iceberg lettuce because it lacks nutritional value.

There are many options as feed for Vieja bifasciata fish. Generally, these red-spotted cichlids are easy to take care of, but they still provide them with a nutritious diet to sustain their health. 


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