Parachromis managuensis fish as a pet fish in a water tank - fish-hobbyist

Parachromis managuensis fish as a pet fish in a water tank

The Parachromis managuensis fish, also known as the Jaguar Cichlid fish, is a native species that inhabits river waters from Honduras to Costa Rica. In its natural habitat, this fish inhabits aquatic environments with moderate lighting levels.

Parachromis managuensis fish is a type of carnivorous fish. This fish has a jaguar-like color pattern with black dots on a silver-gold base. In nature this fish can live and grow long to reach a length of 35 cm.

For ornamental fish hobbyists, Parachromis managuensis fish can be used as pet fish in water tanks. when we are going to start keeping fish in an aquarium we should know in advance the characteristics and living habits of the fish to be kept.

Parachromis managuensis fish is an aggressive type of fish so this fish should be kept by an experienced ornamental fish hobbyist if it is going to be kept. This is so that this aggressive fish can be controlled safely by the owner.

As with other types of Cichlid fish, Parachromis managuensis breeds by laying eggs.

For Parachromis managuensis fish to be kept in water tanks, fish species that have bright colors, agile movements and health should be selected.

The quality of the water in the water tank can also affect success in raising fish. Water quality such as pH, Water hardness and Temperature must be optimal.

The pH value of the water for keeping Parachromis managuensis fish is 7, then the water hardness value is 10. You also need to pay attention to the temperature and try to keep the water temperature value from changing drastically. The water temperature in the fish rearing tank is 25 degrees Celsius.

So that the Parachromis managuensis fish can live and grow well in the water tank, we can install a water filter. The function of the water filter is to maintain good water quality conditions and to filter out fish waste and leftover food that is not eaten by fish.

Aquatic plants and rocks can also be installed in the water tank. Aquatic plants serve to give a natural impression to the water tank and serve as a shelter for fish. Likewise for rocks, stones that are installed in the water tank will have a natural effect on the water tank so that when you look at it, the water tank will look beautiful.

In swimming habits, the Parachromis managuensis fish has a habit of swimming at the bottom, middle and at the top near the surface of the water.

Don't forget to also give feed to fish, the type of feed that is suitable for Parachromis managuensis fish is in the form of live worms.

The water in the maintenance tank will eventually become dirty and smelly which will result in decreased water quality. If the water is dirty and smelly, then the water in the maintenance tank should be replaced.

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