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How to make Cryptoheros spilurus fish in the aquarium grow healthy

Cryptoheros spilurus is a type of cichlid fish known as the blue-eye cichlid. This fish is native to the Atlantic slope of Central America, ranging from Belize to Nicaragua. The living habitat of Cryptoheros spilurus fish is found in fresh waters such as rivers, lakes and swamps. It prefers slow-moving water habitats and is usually found on sand, mud and rock bottoms. 

Cryptoheros spilurus fish has a gray body color with vertical black stripes along its body. The cheeks of the fish have a yellow color. With its beauty, this fish is widely kept in water tanks as ornamental fish. 

Cryptoheros spilurus

Cryptoheros spilurus fish belongs to the genus Cryptoheros. The genus Cryptoheros consists of 4 species namely Cryptoheros chetumalensis, Cryptoheros cutteri, Cryptoheros panamensis, and Cryptoheros spilurus. The qualification of Cryptoheros spilurus fish is: 

Kingdom : Animalia
Phylum : Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Cichlidae
Family : Cichlidae
Genus : Cryptoheros
Species: C. Spilurus

Ornamental fish are popular pets apart from other pets such as cats and birds. There are several reasons why people keep ornamental fish, including:

1. Keeping ornamental fish can have health benefits. 

Looking at an aquarium of ornamental fish can provide health benefits to the viewer. These benefits include reducing stress levels, reducing blood pressure, reducing heart rate and improving the lifestyle of Alzheimer's sufferers.

2. Provides a cozy, calm and quiet atmosphere. 

Fish kept in aquariums or in ponds do not make any noise at all. Such conditions allow your family to feel peace and comfort. 

Cryptoheros spilurus

3. It can be a learning object for children. 

Teaching children to take care of fish can foster a responsible mentality. Their concern for caring for fellow living beings will also be honed. Children will learn skills on how to take care of fish and aquariums. But when it comes to fish care, parents should not just let children take care of fish. Children need to be accompanied by parents in order to avoid unwanted things. 

4. It doesn't take up space. 

Keeping fish at home will not require a large space. Even if your house or residence is small you can keep fish in an aquarium that can be stored in a part of your house.

In general, there are 3 things that need to be known so that the Cryptoheros spilurus fish that are kept grow healthily, namely we must prepare the maintenance container properly, we must maintain the quality of the aquarium water and we must pay attention to what feed will be given to the fish. 

1. Maintenance Container.

The rearing container is related to the place where Cryptoheros spilurus fish live. The maintenance container used to maintain ornamental fish species is an aquarium. A good aquarium for fish is an aquarium that provides a safe and stable environment for fish to live and breed. The aquarium also serves to help maintain the water temperature so that it remains stable and in accordance with the needs of the fish. Aquariums can also help keep the pH level of the water stable according to the needs of the fish.

The maintenance container used must be of sufficient size, the volume of water needed to maintain Cryptoheros spilurus fish is as much as 200 liters.  The aquarium that can be used is a rectangular aquarium. 

In the maintenance container, of course, we must prepare other supporting equipment. This equipment includes aerators, water filters and water heaters. Each of these equipment has different functions and uses. Aerators function to help increase the dissolved oxygen content in water. Aerators that can be used are aerators with one vent or can also use aerators that have two vent holes. The aerator used is complete with hoses and aeration stones. 

water heaters for aquarium

The water filter installed in the aquarium serves to maintain good water quality. This water filter serves to absorb the remains of feed and the remains of fish waste. If the remaining feed and fish waste are left in the aquarium, it is feared that the fish kept in the aquarium will suffer from health problems. 

Water heaters are installed with the aim of maintaining a stable aquarium water temperature. Generally, fish will experience stress if the aquarium water temperature changes suddenly.  

2. Water quality.

Good aquarium water quality goes a long way in keeping the fish being kept healthy. Some of the quality parameters that need to be maintained are pH, water hardness and water temperature. The pH value of the water that is good for keeping these fish is 7, the hardness level is 10 and the water temperature is 25 degrees Celsius.

 3.  Feed 

Feed for fish serves to fulfill the nutritional needs of fish. Feed is necessary for the growth, development, and maintenance of fish health. Fish feed can be obtained from natural feed or artificial feed. Fish need a variety of nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals to grow and develop properly. In addition, the feed given to fish serves as an energy provider for fish. 

The function of feed for ornamental fish is to form body color. Artificial feed used to form body color in fish, when viewed from the components of the constituent materials are not much different from other artificial feed. In artificial feed that can form the color of the fish body, pigments or color producers are added.  

The type of feed that can be given to Cryptoheros spilurus fish can be natural feed such as live worms or artificial feed in the form of pellets.

Because the fish that are kept are freshwater fish that are used as ornamental fish in aquariums, the beauty of the aquarium along with the fish they keep is the main goal for fish hobbyists. This beauty is inseparable from the biota and media in the aquarium such as the installation of aquatic plants, the installation of rocks and the selection of the type of lamp to be used in the aquarium. 

Suitable aquatic plants to keep Cryptoheros spilurus fish company in the aquarium are Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Anubias Barteri, and Java Moss. Cryptocoryne Wendtii has beautiful dark green leaves and can withstand a variety of different water and light conditions. Anubias Barteri has beautiful dark green leaves and can be placed on rocks or wood in an aquarium. Java Moss is a versatile and long-lasting aquatic plant that can be used to decorate most sides of the aquarium, including rocks, wood, and substrate. 

Anubias Barteri

Stones that are suitable for Cryptoheros spilurus fish to live with in the aquarium are lava stone, sandstone, erect stone, ironstone, and fossilized stone. 

Aquarium lava rock is a lava rock that is used as an ideal living environment medium for aquariums. This stone is formed from the heat of a volcano and has many hidden benefits for aquariums that most fish hobbyists don't even realize. Lava rock has beneficial denitrifying bacteria and will improve water quality by reproducing and then removing nitrates. In this anaerobic environment inside the rock, denitrifying bacteria consume nitrates and produce oxygen and nitrogen. Lava rock can also be used to beautify aquarium layouts. 

lava rock

Aquarium sandstone is a substrate used in the art of decorating aquariums or aquascape. Sandstone is a stone composed of the minerals silica (sand) and iron-oxidized clay. This stone has a variety of colors making this stone very attractive aesthetically.

Erangga stone is a stone that has a rough surface shape and has a gray color like cement. 

Ironstone is a stone that is dark black in color and has an irregular stroke texture. Fossil stones are stones made from plant fossils, generally brownish in color with light weight. 

Cryptoheros spilurus fish can grow up to 18 cm in length. This fish reproduces by laying eggs. In swimming habits in the aquarium, this fish swims at the bottom of the aquarium, the center of the aquarium and the surface of the aquarium water.

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