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Keeping mesonauta festivus fish in an aquarium

The mesonauta festivus fish is a type of freshwater fish that lives in public waters. It is native to rivers in Brazil, Peru, Paraguay, and Bolivia. Mesonauta festivus fish have a silver color with a black horizontal line from the mouth to the tip of the dorsal fin. 

Mesonauta festivus fish can be used as ornamental fish that are kept in aquariums at home. Generally, the aquarium used to keep this type of fish is a rectangular aquarium with a size of 120 cm x 38 cm x 30 cm. The amount of water volume used to keep mesonauta festivus fish is 145 liters. 

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Aquariums used to keep mesonauta festivus fish can be given a sandy substrate and can be given aquatic plants with moderate aquarium water flow. To meet the need for oxygen, the aquarium can be installed with an aerator that serves to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water.  

Aquarium lights can also be installed in the aquarium. Aquarium lights are selected aquarium lights that have a moderate level of lighting. The function of the aquarium lamp is to illuminate the aquarium environment and also serves to beautify the fish being kept. 

Aquarium water quality must remain optimal water quality parameters include temperature and pH. Mesonauta festivus fish can live and grow well in aquatic environments with optimal water quality levels. A good aquarium water temperature value for keeping mesonauta festivus fish is 24 - 28 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the pH of the water is 6.5 - 7. 

Mesonauta festivus fish kept in an aquarium need to be fed. This fish is a type of omnivorous fish that can eat worms, small shrimp and plant material (algae). 

To keep the mesonauta festivus fish that are kept healthy and agile, the aquarium where these fish are kept must be maintained, so that the quality of the aquarium water does not drop. One way to keep the aquarium water quality good is to drain or clean the aquarium water. 

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