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freshwater fish

dwarf gourami fish disease ranges from fungal infection to new tank shock syndrome. Here are some of the most common ones.

dwarf gourami fish farming offers various benefits and perks even for starter fish breeders. Here are some of them.

types of dwarf gourami fish consist of varieties from a commondwarf hybrid. Here are four popular types.  

Some Techniques for Maintaining Betta Fish in The Aquarium

Bettas fish are so unique. For those who are interested in maintaining Betta fish in the aquarium, we have some practical tips to help you

Fish are like humans. They can be affected by some diseases. Knowing the symptoms and diseases is crucial for those who want to keep their discus healthy. 

Zebra Danios are adorable fish with the zebra-patterned body. Let’s take a look at these techniques to treat them properly in the aquarium.

Zebra Danios are prolific breeders which can produce up to 500 eggs in each fertilization process. Here we have some tricks about how to spawn Zebra Danio fish in the aquarium.

Types of Rainbow Shark Fish Disease

Well-known as one of the most aggressive, freshwater animals, rainbow shark fish have problems too. One of them is a rainbow shark fish disease

Want to have rainbow shark fish at home? There are things that you need to know firsthand. One is to know the maintenance of rainbow shark fish

If you love peaceful, friendly pets, cory catfish is the choice. The maintenance of cory catfish is pretty easy. Let’s get to know these fish more

Cory catfish are loved for their friendly, sociable manners. They are also easily maintained. Get to know the type and how to feed cory catfish

To identify cory catfish disease types, let’s check out the common symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Once you figure them all out, they will be fine

even though platys are hardy fish; they still have the risk to get infected by some diseases. Knowing those diseases and how to treat them could save their lives.

Platys are peaceful and easy-to-care fish. Providing them with the best habitat, proper mates, and nourishing diets will help them to grow well. Look at our following tips to get more information.

Guppies are the most widespread fish which are easy to take care of. Maintaining guppies in the aquarium needs some techniques. Here we present those techniques for you

Types of Guppies Fish Disease and How to Treat Them

Guppies have high risk of getting infected by disease if they are stressed. Identify those type of disease and treat them right away

Feeding guppies with the right food will keep them healthy and grow well. Here are some types of food that you can get for your beloved guppies

How to Maintain Cichlids in the Aquarium

Maintaining the condition of your fish is very important. Find out how tomaintain cichlids in the aquarium to prevent them from getting diseases.

Types of Tetra Food

There are some types of tetras fish food. Some of them are really easy to get, and you can try to feed your tetras with these varieties of food. 

Types of tetra fish diseases and how to treat them

If you keep tetras, you also need to know some of tetra fish diseases. Check them out in this article!

Types of Cichlids for Your Aquarium

Cichlids are one of the most popular aquariums fish. If you want to keep them in an aquarium, then check out the exact types of cichlids here.

maintaining loaches fish in the aquarium requires perfect tank condition, ideal school size, and nonaggressive tank mates.

Tips for Successful Loach Cultivation (Based on Types)

  the success of cultivating loaches fish depends on understanding toward different species. Learn the main requirements to keep these loach species.

types of disease that can attack loaches fish range from ich to worm infection. Here are three of the most common ones.

What Feeds Should You Give to Loach Fish?

feeds for loaches fish must sink to the bottom and contain important omnivorous nutrients. Here is everything to know about loach feeding.

spawn loaches fish using the ideal breeding tank and proper steps. Here is how you can try spawning loaches at home.

There are reasons why people choose Tiger Barb fish to know and learn about the aquatic world firsthand. Discover the benefits of maintaining Tiger Barb fish here.


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